Shape Shifter is an adaptable freestanding plywood display system that can be easily constructed, de-constructed, and refigured to suit different retail display needs. The form of Shape Shifter is derived from its construction and function; the columns are wider where they connect to the horizontal locking pieces and thin elsewhere to maximise visibility to the retail display. Shape Shifter is made from CNC routed structural and form ply which creates a stylish but neutral background for displaying goods.


The Works showroom is the first home of Shape Shifter a 215m2 ground floor retail shopfront in Glebe. The store is home to 14 retailers and is hosted by a sales assistant who runs the store on behalf of the retailers. In addition to the retail offering, co-working desks are available for the retailers to grow their business.



Project Team

Alexander Symes 

Branko Jaric



Big City Productions

Big Models 



Barton Taylor