This inner-city terrace home has been in the client’s family for three generations. Over this time, the suburb of Ultimo has changed radically with the recent development of a high-rise, high-density Darling Harbour precinct to the east, significantly overshadowing and compromising the amenity of the existing house.  To preserve the amenity of sun, light, and open space for the next generation the house needed to adapt.  Located in the City of Sydney’s Heritage Conservation Zone, the strict planning framework meant that this adaptation needed to be achieved by a series of small architectural moves.


The addition of a roof-top terrace provides a timber-lined terrace that receives direct sun. The access to the terrace is via a glazed roof-light that allows natural daylight deep into the house interior and provides a central lung that allows the house the breathe. A balcony extension to the children’s room creates a safe, outdoor space where the kids can play independently. The replacement of the windows with double glazing, photovoltaic panels, services upgrades, and specification of sustainable materials has created a sustainable family home fit to serve this, and future generations.



Project Team

Alexander Symes

Branko Jaric

Katja Gavran



Just Screw It






Barton Taylor



City of Sydney