People Parkers are mobile parklets that are designed to temporarily convert on-street car parking spaces into places for people. These modular pods are designed to fit within the legal dimensions of a standard car trailer and to occupy one standard car park. Each pod accommodates up to 10 people with two tables and an umbrella to provide shade. Heavy-duty stabilizers ensure that the People Parkers can adapt to the specific gradient, incline, and road conditions of any location.


The aim of this project is for People Parkers to become a tool that can be used for tactical urbanism, community engagement and to encourage people to think about public space differently. This project is the latest iteration of the ‘Glebe Point Road Moveable Parklet Program’ run in conjunction with the Glebe Chamber of Commerce, with the support from The City of Sydney and crowdfunded by the local community. These People Parkers were used in Kingsford, Surry Hills, and Chippendale during the construction of the Sydney Light Rail.



Project Team

Alexander Symes

Branko Jaric

Kris Spann


Project Partners

People Parkers

Glebe Chamber of Commerce

Local volunteers and friends of People Parkers

City of Sydney Council

Sydney City Toyota

Elise O’Ryan



Pro Alloy



Elise O’Ryan



Barton Taylor