Dresden Mobile is a mobile shopfront for Dresden Optics. Built on a recycled steel chassis, this transportable retail store seeks to embody the ethos of the company with its dedication to closed loop recycling and demystifying the complexity of glasses manufacturing. It accommodates the complex technical needs of the glasses manufacturing process that occurs on-site while creating a pleasurable customer experience. Built from predominantly recycled materials, the open-plan interior facilitates the retail experience with the awnings and zip-down sailcloth facades allowing the shop to respond to the climate, conditions and views from wherever it is located.


Material selections were influenced by the desire to embody and communicate the brand’s philosophy towards waste and recycling within the stringent weight and size requirements of the caravan code. The 100% recyclable Danpalon cladding is light weight, has impressive thermal insulating qualities and blocks up-to 70% of solar radiation. All internal timber is recycled and the shop fit-out has been created from Re-Board that can be fully recycled in normal waste paper stream.




Project Team

Alexander Symes

Branko Jaric

Katja Garvan



Paramount Property Group



ADR Compliance 



Brett Boardman