A Big World Home is a modular, mobile, off-grid housing system made from structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels. It arrives flat-packed and can be built by two people over a few days using simple tools, making incredible savings on labour. The entire structure is self-sufficient and totally ‘off-grid’ with solar panels providing electricity and running water sourced from inbuilt rainwater tanks.


The idea behind Big World Homes is by uncoupling land costs and labour expenses a Big World Home can cut up to 80% of the typical costs of a commensurate stand-alone dwelling. This offers a young person or couple a transitional housing solution between renting and conventional ownership. The prototype Big World Home was debuted at the Sydney Architecture Festival in 2016.



Project Team

Alexander Symes

Dr Joanne Jakovich  – Co-founder of Big World Homes and Big World Communities

Branko Jaric

Peter Reavie

Haigen Sykes

Tracy Hau

Joshua Barnes

Chris Goodall

Doug Goodall

Liz Goodall

Ella Colley



Project Partners


Architects Registration Board of NSW

Rainbow Power Company




Tibby Rose

Pro Alloy



ADR Compliance




Barton Taylor